Recruitment & Retention Toolkit

Recruitment & Retention Toolkit

The purpose of the NAACCR Recruitment and Retention Toolkit is to provide central cancer registries (CCRs) with proven strategies for attracting and retaining qualified staff. The Toolkit was developed by the NAACCR Professional Development Steering Committee from best practices submitted by CCRs throughout North America. Every CCR is unique, with its own recruitment and retention challenges. Consequently, no one strategy will suit the needs of every CCR, so the NAACCR R&R Toolkit contains a variety of resources to choose from and customize to meet the specific needs of the registry. For questions, or to contribute your own registry’s tools, please contact NAACCR.


    • Guidance for job postings
      • If you have the ability to draft your own job postings, use these tips to attract qualified candidates.
    • Central registry recruitment flyer
      • A customizable flyer highlighting the many benefits of working in a central cancer registry. Use the flyer as is or add your own logo and unique attributes of your registry.
    • Job posting resources
      • Web sites where registries can advertise job openings, including costs.

Note: These tools are for use after/in addition to any formal qualification screening required by your human resources department.

    • Pre-Interview Applicant Evaluation
      • Use this tool to prioritize which candidates to interview based on minimum and preferred qualifications.
    • Applicant FAQ
      • Meant to be provided to the candidates when you have too many applicants to interview and need to screen out those who may not be right for the position. Customize the questions to meet your registry’s needs
    • A&P and Medical Terminology Test
      • A tool to assess an applicant’s knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology and medical terminology; intended to be used with non-CTRs.
    • Interview strategies
      • Tips for conducting successful interviews.
    • Sample interview questions
      • These questions can be used as is, or customized to the registry and the position.
    • Candidate score sheet
      • A tool to provide an objective method of evaluating candidates. The score is meant to be used in conjunction with subjective and other evaluation methods for each candidate.
    • Choosing the right candidate
      • Strategies for identifying candidates with the qualifications to become successful CTRs.
    • Student visit procedure and agenda templates
      • Use these tools to implement your own student day program to attract cancer registry trainees to become a part of your organization.
    • Cancer Registrar Training Guide
      • A roadmap for leveraging existing training resources to grow your CTR

Click here to download the entire toolkit as a zip file.



NAACCR would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to developing this toolkit:

Recruitment & Retention Workgroup

Tresheena Boyd, RHIT, CTR – Mississippi Cancer Registry

Taylor Hessler, CTR – New Jersey State Cancer Registry

Contributing Registries

Florida Cancer Data System

Mississippi Cancer Registry

New Jersey State Cancer Registry

Texas Cancer Registry


For questions, or to contribute your own registry’s tools, please contact NAACCR.

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