Inter-Registry Deduplication

Inter-Registry Deduplication

Inter-Registry deduplication activities and benefits

In addition to facilitating multi-registry cohort linkages, the VPR-CLS is committed to developing a secure mechanism to support inter-registry case de-duplication thereby improving the overall quality of cancer surveillance data. In a recent pilot test, Colorado and Idaho performed a linkage using hashed registry data. Hashed data allows registries to perform linkages on confidential data while that data is encrypted. The registries then met in person to perform a probabilistic linkage using their identifiable data, adjudicate the matches, and compare the results to the hashed linkage. This pilot linkage demonstrated proof-of-concept and identified areas for improvement in the process and the software. A second test of the system is being planned with multiple large registries.

The long-term goal is to perform inter-registry deduplication between all U.S. central registries which would provide the following benefits:

  1. Reduction in the number of duplicate case reports across state lines.
  2. More accurate estimates of cancer incidence.
  3. Sharing of information on mutual cases, thereby improving the accuracy and completeness of treatment and follow-up information.
  4. Identification of multiple primaries where a patient is diagnose with two different primaries in two different states.
  5. More accurate estimates of the incidence of multiple primaries.

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