Member Ambassador Program

Member Ambassador Program

MAP Your Way to NAACCR Involvement



Making Connections

MAP is here to help you make connections with other NAACCR members who share the same interest in our profession.


Get Involved

MAP can help you find a way to get involved in a NAACCR Committee, Task Force, or find a way for you to volunteer to better help you make the important connections.

The work of NAACCR is organized into five priority areas that are directed by steering committees.  The steering committees determine priorities based on the NAACCR Strategic Management Plan and execute tasks through work groups and task forces.  The members of the steering committees, work groups, and task forces are all volunteers who have an interest in that chosen area.  There is always a need for more volunteers.  MAP would love to connect you with your area of interest.  The following is a link to information about the five priority areas:  NAACCR Steering Committees 

Get started in making those Career and Lifelong Connections by filling out the form on the form tab.

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