On-Line Cancer Data (interactive)

On-Line Cancer Data (interactive)

NAACCR provides a number of interactive on-line data tools for quick access to cancer statistics in US and Canada.


NAACCR Cancer Maps

NAACCR Cancer Maps (historically called CiNA+ on-line) is an interactive mapping tool for US and Canadian cancer incidence statistics for the most current 5 years of data available.


NAACCR Fast Stats

NAACCR Fast Stats is an interactive tool for quick access to key US and Canadian cancer statistics for major cancer sites by age, sex, stage, race/ethnicity, registry and data type for the most current 5 years of data available.

Statistics are presented as graphs and tables and can be stratified by:

  • Cancer Site
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Race and Sex
  • Registry
  • Age at Diagnosis
  • Stage at Diagnosis
  • Standard Population

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