Crosswalks (Interoperability)

Crosswalks (Interoperability)


These mapping tables were developed by NAACCR Committees and are accurate, to the best of our knowledge, as of the date noted on the table.

Surgery Codes and Surgery Codes Crosswalk

Below are lists of Surgery Codes based on diagnosis year. These are the codes as they appear in STORE and the SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual for specific diagnosis years. The lists are meant to be used as a quick reference for anyone reviewing surgery codes over time.

When significant changes are made to the surgery codes, surgery code definitions, and/or instructions for assigning surgery codes for a site, a crosswalk is developed to assist with analyses and quality control reviews of surgery codes over time. They should not be used by registrars to directly code cancer cases.

These crosswalks are developed as an aid to anyone comparing surgery codes in data item RX Summ–Surg Prim Site 03-2022 [1290] used for cases diagnosed from 2003 to2022 and surgery codes used in the data item RX Summ–Surg Prim Site 2023 [1291] for cases diagnosed in 2023 or later.

Significant changes made to the Skin surgery codes apply to cases diagnosed in 2023 or later. A crosswalk for the Skin surgery codes was posted on 2/2/23. An update to the Skin Surgery codes was posted on 10/3/23. Changes to the Breast, Lung, Colon, Thyroid, and Pancreas apply to cases diagnosed in 2024 or later.

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