Call for Data

Call for Data

Information for the NAACCR Call for Data

Each year, NAACCR has a Call for Data for its certification process and to produce a new set of Cancer in North America (CiNA) data products.

The NAACCR Data Use and Research and the Data Evaluation and Certification Committees invite you to submit incident cancer cases from your registry for the years 1995 through 2015 to be used for cancer statistics, surveillance, and research projects and activities. All data must be submitted using the NAACCR Record Layout Version 16.

In addition NAACCR is requesting that registries also include 2016 cases in their submission file. The 2016 cases will be used for evaluation purposes only and will not impact inclusion in CiNA or Certification.

All variables must conform to NAACCR standard definitions and codes, as described in Volume II, Version 16 of the NAACCR Standards for Cancer Registries: Data Standards and Data Dictionary.

Questions, comments, concerns? See the NAACCR Call for Data Forum or contact Jim Hofferkamp

*The date of latest update is listed below

  • Link*Prep – 12/20/17
    For use in creating the VPR-CLS linkage file, Link*Prep is a utility that standardizes and edits key linkage data items (including street address), calculates Soundex first and last names for use as blocking variables, and creates a recoded patient ID.

SAS Programs

The SAS programs listed below are included in NAACCRPrep. They have been posted to give central registry software developers the option to incorporate these programs into their software. If your software does not include these programs, please run your file through NAACCRprep prior to submission.

The submission process has changed this year! Please read the following closely.

We have developed a single site where you can login using MyNAACCR username/password and submit your CFD file, complete your electronic submission forms, and post your signed Data Assurance Agreement and consent forms.

If you have completed the Call for Data electronic submission forms in the past, you already have the permissions to use the new site. If you have not completed them in the past or if you not sure if you have completed them in the past, please contact us at You can verify if you have a MyNAACCR account here. If you do create a new account you will then need to contact us in order to submit for your registry.

The deadline for submission is 11:59 PM eastern time on Friday, December 1, 2017.

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