XML Data Exchange Standard

XML Data Exchange Standard

Data Exchange Standard

The NAACCR XML standard defines a data exchange format where NAACCR Standards Volume II data items are encoded in XML elements.

Questions, comments, concerns? See the NAACCR XML Standard Forum.

Custom User Dictionaries have their own dedicated web page: https://www.naaccr.org/xml-user-dictionary/

The XML Exchange Plus software allows you to:

  • Run EDITS on NAACCR XML files and generate GenEDITS style reports
  • Manage NAACCR User Dictionaries
  • Convert fixed-width NAACCR files to NAACCR XML


The File*Pro software allows you to:

  • Create and maintain user-defined dictionaries.
  • Visualize large NAACCR XML data files.
  • Apply coding rules and re-recreate NAACCR XML data files.
  • Convert NAACCR XML data files to fixed-width or CSV formats.
  • Create an SQL database from a NAACCR XML data file.

The GitHub project will allow you to access:

  • a graphical tool for converting fixed-width NAACCR files to XML
  • a Java library for reading and writing NAACCR XML

NAACCR Plan to Implement XML

The NAACCR Plan to Implement XML includes 8 tasks to achieve the transition from the Standards Volume II fixed-width data exchange format to NAACCR XML, and includes a timeline at the end of the document.

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