XML Data Exchange Standard

XML Data Exchange Standard

Implementation Guide

The NAACCR XML standard defines a data exchange format where NAACCR Standards Volume II data items are encoded in XML elements.

The NAACCR XML data exchange standard is an XML syntax replacement for the NAACCR fixed-width data exchange standard as outlined in the NAACCR Strategic Management Plan. Both fixed-width and XML data exchange standards are currently supported for data exchange, while a timeline for transitioning completely to XML is under development.

The XML Exchange Plus software allows you to:

  • Run EDITS on NAACCR XML files and generate GenEDITS style reports
  • Manage NAACCR User Dictionaries
  • Convert fixed-width NAACCR files to NAACCR XML

The GitHub project will allow you to access:

  • a graphical tool for converting fixed-width NAACCR files to XML
  • a Java library for reading and writing NAACCR XML

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