Annual Report to the Nation on status of Cancer, Focus on Younger Adults

Elizabeth Ward Consultant to NAACCR                        On behalf […]

Biliary tract cancer incidence and trends in the United States by demographic group, 1999-2013.

Alison L. Van Dyke, MD, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology […]

Winning the War on Cancer, Imperceptibly

Francis Boscoe, Founder Pumphandle LLC It is not hard to find examples of pundits who have publicly declared […]

Leveraging Cancer Registry Data to Study Breast Cancer Disparities in the Lower Mississippi Delta Region

  Whitney Zahnd, Ph.D Post-Doctoral Fellow South Carolina Rural & Minority Health Research Center at the University of […]

From research to agency reporting: producing an atlas of behavioural cancer risk factors in Ontario

  Zeinab El-Masri Senior Specialist, Knowledge Dissemination & Evaluation, Surveillance & Cancer Registry Cancer Care Ontario     […]

Mesothelioma: A Rare Cancer that Targets Senior Citizens

  Rachel Lynch Press and Media Coordinator Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance     Before the technological revolution and the […]

2018 State of Lung Cancer Report

  Zach Jump Director of Epidemiology and Statistics American Lung Association     Every two and a half […]

HLA-Global gives the California Cancer Registry a 70% Efficiency Boost using Language Engineering

  Jon Patrick, Ph.D CEO Health Language Analytics Global     The California legislature has enacted a regulation […]

Cancer in Victoria: Statistics and Trends 2016

  Helen Farrugia Director Victorian Cancer Registry     Latest cancer statistics from the Victorian Cancer Registry The […]

Investigation of Ocular Melanoma Incidence, an Aggressive Form of Rare Tumor

  Chandrika Rao, PhD. Director, North Carolina Central Cancer Registry (NAACCR Communications Committee, NAACCR Narrative Production Editor)   […]

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