NAACCR Data Standards & Data Dictionary Database (Formerly Volume II)

NAACCR Data Standards & Data Dictionary Database (Formerly Volume II)

The NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary is intended for hospital and central cancer registries, programmers, and analysts. It provides detailed specifications and codes for each data item in the NAACCR data exchange record layout.

NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary (NDS/DD) Versions, 21, 22, 23, and 24 are available through the new NAACCR Data Standards and Data Dictionary database.

To access Versions 18, please call Monica Thornton at 217-698-0800, ext. 1, or email at [email protected].

  • V18 Change Log
  • V18 Short Names – The Short Name List is intended for hospital and central cancer registries, programmers, and analysts. The list provides a 17 character version (with no spaces) of the NAACCR Item Name. The short names might be convenient to use for report column headers and other applications where the full item name cannot be displayed.
  • FORDS to STORE Radiation Data Item Conversion – (posted 8/2/18)

Archived Versions

Click here to go to the archive of versions of Standards Volume II prior to Version 15. The archive includes the Volume II PDF, Access database, and revision page(s) for each of the previous versions.

NAACCR Standards Implementation Timeline

The NAACCR Standards Implementation Timeline provides deadlines to facilitate successful implementation of revisions to NAACCR Standards for Cancer Registries Volume II, Data Standards and Data Dictionary. Revisions to the standards include, but are not limited to, changes to existing data items and proposing new data items for implementation.

Change Request

Any change to standards has an impact on registry operations, funding agencies, and users of the data. A multidisciplinary group from central registries, software vendors, and standard setters developed a change management process. The purpose of the change management process is to facilitate successful implementation of change to cancer registry data collection standards, requirements, and systems. Mid-Level Tactical Group (MLTG) will review, evaluate and approve requests for change through an assessment process intended to determine the feasibility of the change and assess the impact on the cancer surveillance community.


Complete and submit a Request for Change form for new item or changes to existing items at:

Contact Lori Havener with any questions.

Volume II Data Dictionary Export Tool

NAACCR has developed a tool to generate a custom version of Chapter X: Data Dictionary. This tool utilizes Python and has been tested on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Step-by-Step instructions on how to install and use the tool and a zipped version of the tool are provided below. Please read the instructions prior to downloading the tool. If you wish to submit any issues with the tool or want to offer improvements, please do so through GitHub. This tool is being released under the GNU GPL. If you have questions or comments, please contact .

CRC Checksum

The CRC CHECKSUM application ensures the integrity of NAACCR records when transmitted electronically and the CRC CHECKSUM field was implemented beginning with NAACCR Record Layout Version 7.

CRC Checksum Implementation Guide

This document may be used as an implementation guide for the NAACCR standard CRC CHECKSUM. This field will help ensure integrity of NAACCR records when they are transmitted electronically. The CRC CHECKSUM field should be implemented beginning with NAACCR Record Layout Version 7.

Information included on this page should be adequate to allow software vendors to quickly implement the CRC Checksum field. A “C” API has been developed and contributed for public use by Eric Durbin. The API includes the following routines:

  • CalcCRC32() – Calculates and returns the CRC32 for a record.
  • AssignCRC32() – Assigns (fills in) the CRC CHECKSUM field for a record.
  • CompareCRC32() – Compares the CRC CHECKSUM field against the calculated CRC CHECKSUM for a record.

Please refer to the C Implementation file for further details.

Test routines are also included to test the API functions.

If you have any questions regarding the CRC Checksum please contact Eric Durbin at [email protected].

NCHS codes are commonly used to identify place of birth on death certificates. The NCHS to ISO Code Crosswalk spreadsheet provides the ISO equivalents, where they exist, for NCHS codes. The ISO alpha-3 codes are used for the data items below, effective with Volume II, Version 13.

  • Addr at DX–Country
  • Addr Current–Country
  • Birthplace–Country
  • FollowUp Contact–Country
  • Place of Death–Country

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