CiNA Public Use Data Set

CiNA Public Use Data Set


The NAACCR CiNA-Public Dataset is a new CiNA product that was first available for 1995-2013 data. The CiNA Public Use Dataset is a non-confidential data set with a limited number of variables, available in the SEER*Stat program. The CiNA Public Use Dataset is a publically accessible dataset requiring only a signed Data Use Agreement for access, similar to accessing SEER data. The other CiNA projects require a proposal review, NAACCR IRB, and consent by each registry. All CiNA data are updated annually after publication of the CiNA monographs; approximately July.

The CiNA-Public Use Dataset is comprised of two datasets. One allows a user to generate counts, rates and trends within the SEER*Stat system. This dataset includes age in the 19 age group categories. The second dataset allows the user to export the data as a case-listing to allow regression and other analysis in standard, statistical programs. This second dataset includes both age and site as categorical variables for US combined and Canada combined. A researcher will be able to access both data sets in the same SEER*Stat session but will only be able to export case-listed data from registries that have provided consent.

Additional details are available here. To obtain access, please sign the Data Use Agreement available here and return to the Program Manager of Data Use & Research, Recinda Sherman at


The variable list is located starting on page 6 of Description of CiNA Public Use Dataset and available here. Variables are recoded for ease of use and standardization of analysis. SEER*Stat provides automatic cell suppression of <6 and scrambles the Patient IDs. There are no treatment variables available in the CiNA Public Use Dataset.

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