CiNA Public Use Data Set

CiNA Public Use Data Set


The NAACCR CiNA-Public Dataset is a new CiNA product that was first available for 1995-2013 data. The CiNA Public Use Dataset is a non-confidential data set with a limited number of variables, available in the SEER*Stat program. The CiNA Public Use Dataset is a publically accessible dataset requiring only a signed Data Use Agreement for access, similar to accessing SEER data. The other CiNA projects require a proposal review, NAACCR IRB, and consent by each registry. All CiNA data are updated annually after publication of the CiNA monographs; approximately July.

The CiNA-Public Use Dataset is comprised of two datasets. One allows a user to generate counts, rates and trends within the SEER*Stat system. This dataset includes age in the 19 age group categories. The second dataset allows the user to export the data as a case-listing to allow regression and other analysis in standard, statistical programs. This second dataset includes both age and site as categorical variables for US combined and Canada combined. A researcher will be able to access both data sets in the same SEER*Stat session but will only be able to export case-listed data from registries that have provided consent.

Additional details are available here. To obtain access, please sign the Data Use Agreement on page 2 and return to the Program Manager of Data Use & Research, Recinda Sherman at


The variable list is located starting of page 6 of (Description of CiNA Public Use Dataset). Variables are recoded for ease of use and standardization of analysis. SEER*Stat provides automatic cell suppression of <6 and scrambles the Patient IDs. There are no treatment variables available in the CiNA Public Use Dataset.

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