2018 Implementation

2018 Implementation

2018 Implementation Information

This page is intended to be a source of information for central registries, hospital registries, and software vendors. On this site you will find information concerning new data items, edits, rules for determining multiple primaries and histologies, updates to histology codes, and educational activities. You can expand and close sections below by clicking on the section titles.

AJCC 8th Edition

AJCC 8th Edition will be used beginning with cases diagnosed 1/1/2018.  For more information on the AJCC Staging System, how to purchase the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 8th edition, a review of staging rules, and errata to the 8th edition, education and training, and AJCC news, please visit the AJCC website.


Summary Stage

Beginning with cases diagnosed in 2018 registrars will assign (or derive) summary stage based on Summary Stage 2018.  This is the first update to the Summary Stage system since 2001.  We will post links to the the online version of Summary Stage 2018 once they become available.



EOD consists of three data items that can be used to calculate a stage group and Summary Stage 2018  The three data items are:

  • EOD Primary Tumor
  • EOD Lymph Nodes
  • EOD Mets

Information concerning the EOD data items will be posted to this site as it becomes available.


Site Specific Data Items (SSDI)

Site Specific Data Items (SSDI) are similar to the Site Specific Factors (SSF) collected with Collaborative Stage. These data items are specific to certain site/histology combinations. For example, the SSDI’s for breast will be used to collect information such as estrogen receptor status, progesterone receptor status, Her2 status, Nottingham grade, and additional information related to primary tumors of the breast. The information collected in these data items are specific to breast.

Information concerning the SSDI’s will be posted to this site as it becomes available.

The ICD-O-3 Implementation Task Force has been working to approve new codes, changes in behavior codes, and new terms for current codes. These changes reflect updates to the WHO Classifications for Tumors (Blue Books).  Once approved, the new codes, new terms, and change to behavior codes, can be used by the cancer registry community. The changes will be effective for all cases diagnosed 1/1/18 and later.

Links to the ICD-O-3 updates and upcoming educational opportunities will be posted here.

The Solid Tumor Rules (previously known as the MP/H Rules) and the Hematopoietic Database and Manual will be updated for 2018 cases.  The updated rules will reflect changes to ICD-O-3 based on updates of the WHO Classification of Tumors (Blue Books), AJCC 8th Edition Staging Manual, and clarifications to current rules. Links to the new rules, updated databases, implementation guidelines, and training activities will be posted to this page as they become available.

The v18 edits metafile will reflect updates to ICD-O-3, stage (AJCC 8th, EOD 2018, Summary Stage 2018, Site Specific Data Items [replacing SSF’s]),  In addition, the edits software is being updated.

For those of you that are edits metafile administrators, that means we moving away from the .erf and .rmf format to an .smf format (Edit Writer 5). A v18 edits metafile compatible with previous versions of Edit Writer will not be available.

The NAACCR edits metafile and associated documentation will be posted to the Standards for Cancer Registries, Standard Data Edits, Volume IV page.

Information concerning training efforts being developed to address the changes occurring in 2018 will be posted to this page at it becomes available.

The NAACCR 2018 Implementation Guidelines Task Force will develop implementation guidelines with information for central registries, hospital registries, and software vendors.  These guidelines will include information on new data items, standard setter requirements, and implementation recommendations.

Updates on the guidelines will be posted to this page.

Click here to see the most recent implementation timeline.

Please see our 2018 Implementation Forum for discussions related to these topics. Participation in this Forum is open to the community, simply login to your MyNAACCR account.

For questions please contact Jim Hofferkamp at jhofferkamp@naaccr.org or (217) 698-0800 x5.


2018 Implementation Webinar

The first in a series of informational webinars concerning 2018 Implementation was held August 8th. During the webinar we discussed the timeline, the SSDI’s, and took questions. A recording of the session, a copy of the slides, and the Q&A from the webinar are posted below.

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