Resources for International Registries

Resources for International Registries

International and Global Cancer Surveillance

Welcome to the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries’ International and Global Cancer Surveillance Hub. The purpose of this Global Cancer Registry-Centered Surveillance site is to:

    1. Build and enhance ties with cancer surveillance organizations in the international arena.
    2. Improve the worldwide availability of cancer registry-centered surveillance data, strengthen regional cancer surveillance networks, and improve resource sharing between high quality cancer surveillance systems and middle/low resource environments.
    3. Facilitate communications and knowledge transfer through NAACCR members to provide a direct and tangible benefit for low resource countries.
    4. Enhance engagement and provide training tools for building capacity and enhancing cancer registry-centered surveillance in middle and low resource countries.

This initiative is supported through a contract task order with the National Cancer Institute Contract NumberHHSN261201400004I; Task Order HHSN26100004. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Cancer Institute. Without their support, this initiative would not be possible.

Global Cancer Registry Educational Resources

We have developed a core of global/international cancer registry resources that are accessible completely free. These resources are a collection of documents, resources, webinars, manuals, and other publications that may be viewed, downloaded, and retained in your account that is created when you log in. Please visit the site listed below and browse all that is offered. Check back frequently as materials are regularly added. Check back here in Spring 2017 for access to resources and materials. 

If you would like to contribute a resource for the global/international community to access then please forward an inquiry to Betsy A. Kohler, NAACCR Executive Director

Global Cancer Registry Forum

The Global Cancer Registry Forum provides an opportunity for those involved in cancer registries beyond the United States and Canada to benefit from the experience of NAACCR members, who have many years of experience in cancer registration, cancer surveillance and research. Please feel free to post questions or ask for resources and information. NAACCR members are eager to help, and have faced many of the same challenges.

Sign up for a free MyNAACCR account to participate.

Causeway Collaboration Workspace

The Causeway Collaboration Workspace is available to individuals that are currently participating in one of the global/international committee work groups. Committee members may enter the work space by clicking the button below.

To request access please email

NAACCR International Membership

This membership category includes individuals and organizations from countries other than the United States and Canada. Members in this category may participate in committees, work groups and task forces, but shall not chair a committee or vote in elections.

Membership benefits include:
– Having the individual’s name published in NAACCR lists such as the Membership Directory and the NAACCR website.
– Receiving reduced rates to attend the Annual Conference.
– Serving on NAACCR committees.
– Access to updated Standard Volumes and CiNA, and other published reports.
– Participating in the NAACCR Member Award Recognition Program.
– Access to the NAACCR Shortest Path Tool and NAACCR Geocoder.
– Access to CiNA data after RaPR approved.

The membership year is from June 1st through May 31st each year. Membership dues notices are sent to all members in June of each year.

Additional information regarding membership may be obtained via e-mail at or by calling the Executive Office at 217-698-0800 ext. 1.

NAACCR has implemented a new NAACCR International Fellowship Program.

In 2017 this program provided hotel accommodation and conference registration for staff of cancer registries from low and middle income countries to attend the NAACCR Annual Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 20-22, 2017.

Information for the 2018 program will be made available later in 2017. Please contact Betsy A. Kohler for more information on the program

NAACCR is proud to acknowledge partners in global cancer surveillance efforts. These organizations have many resources available and we encourage you to visit their web site for membership benefits and other information.


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