NAACCR Membership Directory

NAACCR Membership Directory

Sponsoring member organizations are national professional or national governmental organizations primarily involved in any of the following areas: cancer epidemiology, patient care, cancer control, cancer registration, professional education, research, or biostatistics.


Individual members are those persons who are not currently working in a member organization who have demonstrated career and professional commitments and interests that are consistent with or complementary to those of NAACCR. For privacy reasons you must utilize the Member Search function above with your NAACCR Member Log In to view Individual Member contact information.

Please Note: Names listed below are formatted as LastName FirstName.


Individual Members

  • Baggett Chris

  • Barnholtz-Sloan Jill

  • Boscoe Francis

  • Campbell Janis

  • Coleman Michel

  • Davis Faith

  • Dolecek Therese

  • Esterly Michelle

  • Greenlee Robert

  • Groves Frank

  • Holt Abby

  • Howe Holly

  • Jones Jennie

  • Jordan Seay Shirley

  • Kobetz Erin

  • Kowski Margaret

  • Libera Judy

  • Lu Yunxia

  • Lynch Wendy

  • Scannell Bryan Molly

  • Scharber Wendy

  • Ward Elizabeth

  • Weed Scott

  • Zahnd Whitney

Member Search

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The membership directory has been made to be searchable by members only due to privacy concerns on behalf of our member organizations. NAACCR strives to protect the privacy of everyone involved in our association and this is simply another step toward that end.

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