Automated Tumor Linkage Work Group Documents

The following documents are from the Automated Tumor Linkage (ATL) Work Group of the Registry Operations Committee. The primary document is the Automated Tumor Linkage Report, and the subsidiary documents are referenced in the report. These materials are meant to assist central cancer registries in planning and conducting automated tumor linkage.

Tumor linkage is the process of using defined criteria to determine whether source records for the same patient refer to the same tumor, based upon the degree of agreement between data fields. Record consolidation is the process of combining data from two or more linked records for the same patient or tumor to produce a single "best" value for each data variable. For the purposes of tumor linkage and consolidation, this site pairs table should be used in conjunction with other data variables - for example, diagnosis date, laterality and histology. Site-pair linkage and Histology-pair linkage are only two steps in establishing a relationship between multiple cancer reports for one patient.