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Past NAACCR Annual Conferences

2016 St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway to Cancer Discoveries

2015 Charlotte, North Carolina

First in Flight: Launching a New Era in Cancer Surveillance 

2014 Ottawa, Ontario

Capitalizing on Cancer Surveillance Data for Improved Cancer Control

2013 Austin, Texas

Thinking Big: The Future of Cancer Surveillance

2012 Portland, Oregon

Building Bridges for Cancer Surveillance: 25 Years of Progress

2011 Louisville, Kentucky

Cancer Surveillance: Keeping Pace with Science and Technology

2010 - Quebec City, Quebec

Renewed Collaboration: A Modern Paradigm for Cancer Surveillance

2009 - San Diego, California

Charting the Course to a New World in Cancer Surveillance

2008 - Denver, Colorado

New Heights in Cancer Suveillance

2007 - Detroit, Michigan

Cancer Knows No Borders

2006 - Regina, Saskatchewan

Cancer Surveillance: A Harvest for Cancer Control

2005 - Cambridge, Massachusetts

A New Season for Cancer Surveillance

2004 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Exploring New Frontiers in Cancer Surveillance

2003 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Harmony and Diversity in Cancer Registration and Surveillance: Meeting Community Health Needs

2002 - Toronto, Canada

Achieving Equity in Cancer Control

2001 - Miami, Florida

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes

2000 - New Orleans, Louisiana

The Challenges of Cancer Surveillance in the New Milennium: Uniformity and Diversity

1999 - Chicago, Illinois

Data Quality and Use: United They Stand, Divided We Fall

1998 - Vancouver, Canada

The Role of Cancer Registries in Cancer Surveillance and Control

1997 - Boston, Massachusetts

Cancer Registries: How They Influence Public Health Practice and Policy

1996 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Central Cancer Registries in a Changing Environment: Where Do We Go From Here?

1995 - San Francisco, California

Cultural Diversity and Cancer: Where East meets West

1994 - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Cooperation and Collaboration among North American Cancer Registries

1993 - Raleigh, North Carolina

1992 - Key Biscayne, Florida

Central Cancer Registries and Public Health Professionals: Partners in Cancer Prevention and Control

1991 - Bethesda, Maryland

Use of Central Cancer Registry Data in Cancer Control

1990 - Atlanta, Georgia

1989 - Chicago, Illinois

1988 - Chicago, Illinois

1987 - Bethesda, Maryland