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2012 NAACCR Annual Conference Poster Presentations

Note: Not all poster presentations were submitted in digital format. Those that were are listed below. Click on the abstract name to view the poster.

P-01 1749 Modeling Reporting Delay in the NPCR Data
P-02 1756 Defining the Burden of Cancer Among Small Asian Populations in Wisconsin
P-03 1769 The Impact of Veterans Affairs Cancer Reporting in New Hampshire
P-04 1772 Prevalence of Comorbid Medical Conditions among Elderly Colorectal Cancer Patients in the National Cancer Data Base and the SEER-Medicare Database
P-06 1779 How Data Collection Cycle Affects Survival Calculations
P-07 1782 Linking Cancer Registry Data to Perform Outcomes-Based Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)-Florida, 2011
P-08 1784 CCR versus NAACCR: Bridging the Gap with Standard Setters
P-11 1797 Development of an automated consolidation algorithm to resolve inconsistent dates of diagnosis from multiple sources
P-12 1802 Missing stage information for prostate cancer cases - too much reliance on collaborative stage?
P-13 1803 Borderline ovarian tumors - to collect or not to collect?
P-14 1805 Rates and Recent Trends in Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Lip, U.S.
P-15 1814 Enhancing Cancer Registries for Comparative Effectiveness Research: A CDC/NPCR Approach
P-16 1816 Do Not Contact Me! Characteristics of Cancer Patients Refusing Registry Contact
P-17 1820 Insights into Brain and CNS Tumor Epidemiology Among the Chronologically Advantaged in the US Population
P-18 1827 Progressing towards 21st century informatics innovation in New Brunswick Canada - EHR and Cancer Registry
P-19 1829 Estimating the Costs of a Data Breach: An Exercise at the New Hampshire State Cancer Registry
P-20 1830 Baseline Evaluation of Pathology Report Completeness and Format on Breast, Lung, Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Specimens in New Brunswick 2007-2008.
P-21 1835 Health Indicators for Nova Scotia First Nations Communities: the Tui'kn Initiative
P-22 1836 Obesity and Cancer in Massachusetts, 2005-2009
P-23 1842 Reporting Practices and Challenges from Non-Hospital Facilities and Physicians for Death Follow Back of Death Clearance in Maryland
P-25 1845 Developing a National Interstate Data Exchange Application System (N-IDEAS) for NPCR: A CMMI Approach
P-26 1856 Linking Data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS): Project Update
P-27 1857 Finding a path to becoming a survival registry
P-28 1859 Which County is It? When reported county does not match geocoded county
P-30 1868 Non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) incidence rates, treatments and survival based on tumor size: A comparative analysis
P-31 1869 Public health surveillance and research: Evolution of the Cancer Registry Data Set
P-32 1870 A Revised SAS Macro for Computing the Charlson Score
P-33 1873 Receipt of Breast Cancer Treatment Among White and Black Medicare Beneficiaries
P-34 1874 Building Bridges - the CBTRUS Experience with Advocacy Organizations
P-35 1875 Electronic Pathology Project in North Carolina Central Cancer Registry
P-36 1881 Data Quality Evaluation Using MART Guided Generalized Linear Mixed Model - With Application to Evaluate the SEER Cancer Staging Data
P-37 1882 State-specific Endometrial Cancer Incidence Rates Corrected for Hysterectomy Prevalence
P-38 1883 Utah Cancer Small Area Report, 2011: On the road to improved collaboration
P-39 1888 Receipt of Guideline-Recommended Work-up among Breast Cancer Patients in Louisiana
P-40 1889 Using Popultion-Based Cancer Surveillance and Vital Records to Document Improved Outcomes for Multiple Myeloma
P-41 1890 Spatial Cluster Analysis of Female Breast Diagnosis in Missouri: Using GIS and Spatial Analyst Functions