2017 Albuquerque Final Program

2017 Albuquerque Final Program

2017 Annual Conference Final Program

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2017 Abstract Final Program

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Abstract Number
Preliminary Category
4666Using Natural Language Processing to Screen and Classify Pathology ReportsCheryl MoodySacramentoCAUnited StatesOperations
4667Cancer Case Transmission to Central Cancer Registry using Web Services (C/NExT and Eureka)Timothy DavisonSacramentoCAUnited StatesOperations
4672TNM Edits are Staging GuardrailsD GressChicagoILUnited StatesOperations
4690Utilizing Hospital Cancer Registry Operations to Implement Statewide Early Case Capture for all CancersD RousseauProvidenceRIUnited StatesOperations
4697Finding "Zombies" in Your Database by Confirming Vital StatusDK O'BrienAnchorageAKUnited StatesOperations
4716Oklahoma Central Cancer Registry Audit Process for Evaluating Data Quality and CompletenessSusan NagelhoutOklahoma CityOKUnited StatesOperations
4723How important is non-hospital cancer case reporting to the New York State Cancer Registry's ability to describe the cancer burden? Let us count the ways.AR KahnAlbanyNYUnited StatesOperations
4735Minimizing the Impacts of Address-County Uncertainty to North Carolina Cancer StatisticsC KlausRaleighNCUnited StatesOperations
4736Calibrating the NAACCR Hispanic Identification Algorithm (NHIA)X ZhangAlbanyNYUnited StatesOperations
4745The Case Investigation of Cervical Cancer (CICC) Study: Chart Abstraction from Primary and Specialty Care Providers 5 Years Prior to Patient DiagnosisA GreekAtlantaGAUnited StatesOperations
4748Meaningful Use Cancer Reporting: How Meaningful is it? An Analysis of Data Submitted to the Maryland Cancer RegistryD NgRockvilleMDUnited StatesOperations
4753Addressing Reporting Gaps in MarylandM MesnardRockvilleMDUnited StatesOperations
4754Coding Software for Cancer Registry Industry and Occupation: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Industry and Occupation Computerized Coding System (NIOCCS)S NowlinCincinnatiOHUnited StatesOperations
4756Presence of Codable Industry and Occupation in California Cancer Registry Data: Differences by Patient Demographics, Payor, Casefinding Source, and Type of MalignancySR SilverCincinnatiOHUnited StatesOperations
4759Improving the Accuracy of Type of Reporting Source Data Field at the New Jersey State Cancer RegistrySuzanne SchwartzTrentonNJUnited StatesOperations
4771Exploring a new dataset: Primary care prescriptions pre- and post-cancer diagnosis in EnglandL Elliss-BrookesLondonEnglandUnited KingdomOperations
4774United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Cancer registries (UKIACR) Performance Indicators 2017 ReportCeri WhiteCardiffWalesUnited KingdomOperations
4793Meaningful Use Registration and Reporting in TennesseeJ RichardsNashvilleTNUnited StatesOperations
4798Childhood Cancer Data Collection: A Trend Analysis of Completeness and Data Quality from NPCR-ECC (October 2012- October 2016 Submissions)Kevin ZhangRockvilleMDUnited StatesOperations
4813Data Quality Assessment of Melanoma Tumor Depth Measurement in SEERC LamRockvilleMDUnited StatesOperations
4814Death Clearance: Changing Follow-back Focus from Physician to HAN FacilityK HarringtonRaleighNCUnited StatesOperations
4822Improving Completeness of Treatment Documentation Through 15-Month Resubmission of Data in New JerseySM HillTrentonNJUnited StatesOperations
4830Defining Risk Factor-Associated Cancers in Cancer Registry DataS Jane HenleyAtlantaGAUnited StatesOperations
4832Assessing the Accuracy of Registry-Based Tobacco Use Status and Utility for Patient Recruitment into Tobacco TrialsS. Jane HenleyAtlantaGAUnited StatesOperations
4837Resubmission of Data from Hospitals to Improve Completeness of Treatment data: A Pilot StudyC PhillipsHartfordCTUnited StatesOperations
4850Use of Georgia Cancer Registry Data for Cancer Planning: Georgia's ApproachI. WalkerAtlantaGAUnited StatesOperations
4856Recovering treatment in Puerto Rico: An agreement evaluation using administrative claims dataY Román-RuizBarcelonetaPuerto RicoOperations
4857Automated Tumor Linkage and the Future of Quality ControlS WoodSacramentoCAUnited StatesOperations
4865The Completion of Chronic Comorbidity Reporting from Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data Varies by Observed Time WindowsYong YiNew OrleansLAUnited StatesOperations
4866Leveraging business intelligence tools in support of cancer case acquisition and auto versus manual processing of dataG CiorniiSacramentoCAUnited StatesOperations
4867Biorepositories and Cancer Registries the Perfect MatchI ZacharyColumbiaMOUnited StatesOperations
4868Endless opportunities: International and national collaborations to address and solve cancer registry challengesJ Jackson-ThompsonColumbiaMOUnited StatesOperations
4873Evolution of the Metro Chicago Breast Cancer Registry (MCBCR)TA DolecekChicagoILUnited StatesOperations
Abstract Number
Preliminary Category
4441Trends in colorectal cancer survival in Arab World, 1990-2009Zoubida ZaidiSetifAlgeriaResearch
4442The descriptive epidemiology of gynecologic cancers: An international comparison of incidence, survival and mortalityZoubida ZaidiSetifAlgeriaResearch
4657Assessing the effectiveness of the England-wide Be Clear on Cancer campaignsL Elliss-BrookesLondonEnglandUnited KingdomResearch
4663Frequency of synchronous brain metastases at time of primary cancer diagnosis in the US, 2010-2013Q OstromClevelandOHUnited StatesResearch
4664Cancer and Heart Disease Age-Adjusted Mortality Trends in California from 1970 to 2014J.A. KillionSacramentoCAUnited StatesResearch
4696Obesity and the Impact on Endometrial Cancer in OklahomaR EspinozaOklahoma cityOKUnited StatesResearch
4707Cancer Prevalence in California on January 1, 2013Y ChenSacramentoCAUnited StatesResearch
4715Trends in Cancer Survival in California by Health Insurance Status: 1997 to 2013S. GomezFremontCAUnited StatesResearch
4718The impact of obesity on depression among adult cancer survivors residing in BrazilS.C. OanceaGrand ForksNDUnited StatesResearch
4729Stage-specific cancer survival in EnglandM EdenBristolEnglandUnited KingdomResearch
473030-day mortality following systemic anti-cancer therapy for breast and lung cancer: which factors increase the risk?Luke HounsomeBristolEnglandUnited KingdomResearch
4733Colorectal Cancer Incidence Trends in Massachusetts by Tumor Location, 1995-2014A MacMillanBostonMAUnited StatesResearch
4740A County Level Ecological Examination of Cancer Screenings, Early Stage Incidence and Mortality in the State of MissouriY YoshidaColumbiaMOUnited StatesResearch
4743Increased incidence trends of colorectal cancer among patients younger than 50 years by race/ethnicity, age and stage at diagnosis in California, 1990–2013Renata AbrahaoFremontCAUnited StatesResearch
4747The relationship of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) to other hematopoietic cancers in Massachusetts, 1995-2014R KnowltonBostonMAUnited StatesResearch
4749Trends in Prostate Cancer Incidence in New Jersey Men by Race/Ethnicity, Age Group and Stage at Diagnosis after Changes in Prostate Specific Antigen Screening Recommendations, 1990-2014KS PawlishTrentonNJUnited StatesResearch
4750Colorectal Cancer Incidence Declining in New JerseyJ. LiTrentonNJUnited StatesResearch
4752Hot-Spotting Preventable Cancers: Done RightA Holt, R DelongchampLittle RockARUnited StatesResearch
4763Cancers with Increasing Trends Related to Obesity and Low Physical Activity in New Jersey: Variations by CountyA StroupTrentonNJUnited StatesResearch
4766Mapping Alaska Stomach Cancer Incidence Relative to the Geographic Distribution of Races in the Statewide PopulationDK O'BrienAnchorageAKUnited StatesResearch
4773Assessing Colonoscopy Prevalence in Arkansas Using Small Area MethodsM AstorConwayARUnited StatesResearch
4777Variation in Routes to Diagnosis by sex, age and deprivation across nine yearsL Elliss-BrookesBristolEnglandUnited KingdomResearch
4779Age-Period-Cohort analysis of Melanoma, Leukemia and Thyroid cancer in Ontario, CanadaYing WangTorontoONCanadaResearch
4783Racial and ethnic differences in breast cancer incidence in young women by age and breast cancer subtypeMeredith ShoemakerAtlantaGAUnited StatesResearch
4791Characterization of Second Primary Malignancies in OhioJ StephensColumbusOHUnited StatesResearch
4800Time between breast cancer diagnosis and treatment among Alaska Native peopleS NashAnchorageAKUnited StatesResearch
4816Recent Trends and Patterns in Diagnosis and Survival of Prostate Cancer by Race/Ethnicity in CaliforniaL LiuLos AngelesCAUnited StatesResearch
4818Association of the Puerto Rico Tobacco Control Policies and the Decreasing Trend in Lung and Bronchus Cancer MortalityM AlvaradoSan JuanPuerto RicoResearch
4821Worldwide Incidence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: a 10-year ForecastEG RodriguesBurlingtonMAUnited StatesResearch
4833HPV-Associated Cancer Incidence, United States 2009-2013S. Jane HenleyAtlantaGAUnited StatesResearch
4838The burden of rare cancers in the United StatesC DeSantisAtlantaGAUnited StatesResearch
4851Utilization of Proton Beam Therapy: A Population-based Assessment of California, 1988-2014A Parikh-PatelSacramentoCAUnited StatesResearch
4854Personalized estimates of prostate cancer overdiagnosis: Model predictions using registry data on incidence rates and life expectancyR GulatiSeattleWAUnited StatesResearch
4863Validate the need for procuring potentially life saving statewide alert systems for various cancer misdiagnosesDanielle RodriguezSacramentoCAUnited StatesResearch
4877Use of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with stage III colon cancer in Puerto Rico Hispanic PopulationKJ ORTIZ-ORTIZSan JuanPuerto RicoResearch
4760Ovarian Cancer Prevalence Corrected for OophorectomyQ ChenLexingtonKYUnited StatesResearch
Abstract Number
Preliminary Category
4762What are the Geographical Differences Among Children and Adolescents with Brain and Other CNS Tumors in California? Does Any Clustering Exist?Danielle RodriguezCAUnited StatesStudent
4859Racial/Ethnic Differences in Thyroid Cancer Incidence in the United States, 2007-2013Kristin WeeksIAUnited StatesStudent
4884The Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis on the Survival of HIV-Infected Individuals Living in South Carolina in the Post-ART Era.Ben HallowellGAUnited StatesStudent
4885The Impact of a Prior HIV/AIDS Diagnosis on the Survival of Cancer PatientsBenjamin HallowellGAUnited StatesStudent
4886Adherence and Perceived Barriers for Screening of Hepatocellular Carcinoma among High-risk Chinese PatientsK XuNEUnited StatesStudent
4924Nebraska Immigrant Populations and Cancer: A Comprehensive Analysis using Nebraska Cancer Registry DatabaseK XuNEUnited StatesStudent
4937Estimating the Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis on Life Expectancy by Socioeconomic Group for a Range of Cancer Types in EnglandElisavet SyriopoulouLeicesterGreat BritianStudent
4944Estimated Female Breast Cancer Mortality-to-Incidence Ratios (MIRs) on Senatorial Districts Grouped to County Boundaries in Missouri, 2008 - 2012AAB Ben RamadanMOUnited StatesStudent
4948Using Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Data to Estimate County-Level Colorectal Cancer Screening Prevalence in Missouri (MO)Jiang DuMOUnited StatesStudent
4949American Thyroid Association (ATA) guideline Adherence and Physician-Based Barriers and Facilitators of Initial Treatment for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer in Canada and the United States: A Systematic ReviewTA NorwoodONCanadaStudent

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