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London Fashion Week catwalk else its past, mulberry Winter 2014 fashion show, held at the end of this week. However, specific details of the conference, stakeholders are tight-lipped. In the last two quarters of the famous British leather goods brand that Carla Diwa Yi served as spokesman for the centuries. Mulberry named Carla Diwa residents have the opportunity to be introduced to new bags. Of course, this is to pay homage to its inspiration, the Muse is not the first time the mulberry bag, mulberry before the US free music Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey) and will be launched in the trendy bags named Aili Shan Zhong. The rumors are true, about 16 of us and we look forward to it on mulberry conference!

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Luxury goods and apparel retail industry analyst at Tong Tong Gia blunt "Bruno Guillon mulberry large 'sinners' should be, mulberry brand high brand awareness, Craig, Bruno Guillon stubbornness development and growth of mulberry currently hard to judge the mistakes and missed opportunities." In the announcement released today, Mulberry Group plc (MUL.L), My BAORUI group, the former chief executive officer, is now chief executive officer has been identified as a successor to serve as non-executive chairman to executive chairman of the classical Davis said. Younger advance adapter senior management, the first British Mulberry chief executive officer most often to resign is the fashion circles with the latest changes, Calvin Klein, chief executive officer, and Etro, Ippolito Etro third son's departure.

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Announced the Italian family business, the general manager, the authorities of a series on how to properly Hidden story behind the changes? Whether Gucci, Etro Opera House staged a fight back? Led by legendary luxury family Hermes can replicate exactly? UK Market Market gap confiscated, but the allegations of the nature of the re-France, Italy and other luxury leather goods alone differential is offered only leather goods business thriving British leather goods brand Mulberry, in fact, a few years ago, grows well as style, light luxury brand development Accountants appearance However, the Board, Mr. classical Davis, president and chief executive officer of the term before, thanks to a few years in order to force, but the brand 27 years served and the next 18 to create a month's best record six times higher, but the business owner, Singapore rich wife Christina Ong and Ong Cheng made ​​a strategic mistake by the complaint, and the light of God is a sign of luxury brand Hermes luxury class names in the industry and look forward to playing.
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