Pathology Laboratory Electronic Reporting (Vol V)

NOTE: Use of this material is limited to NAACCR members.

Messaging Workbench Tool

To aid with the implementation of Volume V compliant HL7 interfaces, the Pathology Data Work Group has developed a profile for the HL7 Messaging Work Bench (MWB). The MWB is a standalone application that can be used to validate the conformance of HL7 messages with the latest Volume V standard.”

Note: Because the OBX-5 data type is defined in Volume V as “Varies” the workbench will kick out an error “Invalid Data Type” if it encounters any values in OBX-5 that include component delimiters. In these situations the MWB will not validate properly until a conformance statement in the profile is defined with the explicit criteria for each different datatype. A resolution to this issue is currently being explored by the Pathology Data Work Group.