Data Standards & Data Dictionary (Volume II)

NAACCR Standards for Cancer Registries, Volume II, Data Standards and Data Dictionary, Version 13 (Implemented January 1, 2013) is the first edition using a custom document management system. The new system uses an intuitive, web-based interface to maintain and administer Standards Volume II. Data are stored in an advanced relational database system (RDBS) to allow for easier searching and indexing. Previous versions can be found in the archive (see below).

The document management system provides an easier process for maintenance of Volume II; includes a search feature for data items; includes a query builder to allow users to build their own reports; and, includes other user-friendly features such as links to cross-reference items between chapters. In addition, users can now submit changes to data items by searching the database for an existing item and pre-loading that item’s information into the item change form.

Version 16

Previous Versions of Volume II

Click here to go to the archive of all prior versions of Standards Volume II. The archive includes the Volume II PDF, Access database, and revision page(s) for each of the previous versions.

Volume II Data Dictionary Export Tool

NAACCR has developed a tool to allow users to generate their own, custom version of Chapter X: Data Dictionary from Volume II. This tool utilizes Python and has been tested on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Click the link below for Step-by-Step instructions on how to install and use the tool. The 2nd link below is to download a zipped version of the tool. Please read the instructions prior to downloading the tool. If you wish to submit any issues with the tool or want to offer improvements, please do so through GitHub. This tool is being released under the GNU GPL. If you have questions or comments, please contact

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