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Translation Tools for Volume II

A list of tools which can import and export data in NAACCR Volume II format.

v14 SAS Translation Tool

The code template below can be used by proficient SAS programmers to efficiently and accurately access data in the new V14 format. Code to both read and write ASCII V14 format is provided. Various sections and options are included - users simply comment out sections which are not applicable for their specific needs. Two alternate labeling formats are provided, and the three most often used record types (Incidence, Confidential and Text) are accommodated. In this V14 version, Chris includes code to handle data elements which are part of the CDC’s Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) projects. As you use the tool, we appreciate any feedback or comments you have. Contact rpinder@usc.edu with your thoughts.

v13 Microsoft Access Translation Tool

An update to the MS Access tool to accommodate V13 is included. Users familiar with Access will be able to import a NAACCR v13 file, which would then be available as a standard Access table. Once in a table format, queries can be written to select a subset of data items that could be transferred to Excel for additional analysis. Records in the table can be reviewed for quality control (QC), modified, and then exported back out again as a NAACCR v13 file. Documentation can be found inside the MSAccess file at the download link below. Anyone with questions about this tool should contact David O’Brien at the Alaska Cancer Registry at Contact david.obrien@alaska.gov with questions or thoughts.