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Sex Code Validation Utility

This is a software utility developed in MS Access to identify miscoded sex codes based on first name. Taking as input a data file in NAACCR v14 or v15 format, a query runs against a list of known sex/name pairs, and it produces a list of cases for manual review that have potential errors in sex. The utility is based on an algorithm initially created by the New York Cancer Registry in August 2011.

An evaluation of this tool found that 19-75% of flagged cases were errors. For more recent years of data, a greater percentage of the flagged cases are identified as errors after investigation. For cases where the edit flagged a sex that was correct, a misspelling of the name was often identified. For male breast cancer, nearly all flagged cases were errors, a consequence of the highly skewed sex distribution of this cancer site. A published study on this tool is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact Recinda Sherman at rsherman@naaccr.org or 217-698-0811x6.