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Constance L. Percy Award for Distinguished Service

The distinguished service award has been established to recognize an individual who contributed exceptional volunteer service to NAACCR during the past 12 months, or sustained, current, and long-term contributions to the organization. The award may be bestowed once each year usually at the annual meeting. More than one award may be given in any year. No limit is placed on the number of times an individual may be recognized by the Constance L. Percy Award for Distinguished Service.


    Susan Bolick

  • Susan Bolick, MSPH, CTR
    “For her distinguished leadership, dedication, and perseverance in achieving data standards, her commitment to efficient registry operations.”

    Robin Otto

  • Robin Otto, CTR
    “For her distinguished leadership, dedication, and perseverance in achieving data standards, her commitment to efficient registry operations.”


    Glenn Copeland

  • Glenn Copeland, MBA
    “Under his watch, more systematic quality control procedures have been introduced, stage data have been added to CINA, and collaboration with our Canadian partners has been strengthened.”


  • David Stinchcomb, MSc
    "for his knowledgeable, thoughtful, and positive contributions to support the advancement of NAACCR cancer data management."


  • Lori Swain, MS
    "for her generous contributions of service and leadership to the NAACCR community."


  • Xiao-Cheng Wu, MD, MPH, CTR
    "for her championing of registry data use as exemplified by her leadership of the DURC as well as her commitment to innovative and high-quality research."


  • Frances E. Ross, CTR
    "for her steadfast commitment to NAACCR and extraordinary dedication to the improvement of registry operations."


  • Amy Kahn
    "for her conscientious work on numerous committees as well as her commitment to innovative and high-quality research."
  • Robin Otto
    "for her leadership of the Death Clearances Issues Workgroup and her careful and tireless efforts to develop the Comprehensive Death Clearance Manual, which will serve as an invaluable resource for NAACCR members."


  • Eric B. Durbin, MS
    "for his collaborative spirit, his patience, and his commitment to cancer surveillance, which have made him an invaluable resource on technical issues that have benefited the entire NAACCR community."
  • Hanna K. Weir, PhD
    "for her persistence and dedication in negotiating an agreement with the National Death Index on behalf of all US central cancer registries that will result in more broadly available survival data for cancer control efforts."


  • Ken Gerlach, MPH, CTR
    "for his exceptional leadership to the Information Technology Committee and for his vision leading NAACCR forward through the changing maze of electronic reporting."


  • Dennis Deapen, DrPH
    "for his thoughtful leadership, commitment to cancer surveillance data use and research, and his tireless efforts on behalf of NAACCR concerning HIPAA."


  • Connie Bura
    "for her focus on resolving difficult but important issues and her achievements in enhancing communication and cooperation between major cancer surveillance and control organizations in North America."
  • Andrew K. Stewart, M.A.
    "for his leadership of the Uniform Data Standards Committee and his insight into complex issues, diplomatic and effective communication and keen awareness of the importance of both process and product."


  • Jane Braun, MS, CTR
    "for her leadership on record consolidation practice; her many other professional contributions; and her dedication, commitment, and service to NAACCR and the entire cancer surveillance field."


  • Toshi Abe, MSW, CTR
    "for his vision and valuable leadership in Information and Technology, advancing NAACCR members in their knowledge and application of emerging electronic media and tools to enhance cancer surveillance."


  • Betsy Kohler, MPH, CTR
    "for her vision and leadership on the Education Committee and in the development of new educational initiatives that benefit many NAACCR members."
  • Xiao Cheng Wu, MD, MPH, CTR
    "for serving as a unique and valuable data analysis resource for NAACCR and for her outstanding contribution in the production of the Cancer in North America monograph."


  • Dianne Hultstrom
    "for her valuable contributions to the refinement of Standards for Cancer Registries, Volume II and her outstanding leadership of NAACCR Volume II work group."
  • Steven Peace, CTR
    "for his thoughtful efforts to obtain consensus on data standards and his past leadership as chair of the NAACCR Uniform Data Standards Committee."


  • April Fritz, RHIT, CTR


  • Lynn Ries
    "in recognition of the extensive technical and professional contributions she has made for many years on the Uniform Data Standards Committee and its relevance to the publications and use of the data: her instrumental role in developing the technical aspects of the report on benign brain tumors."
  • Sally Bushhouse, DVM, PhD
    "for her efforts to re-establish the audit program the last year by keeping it on-track, making substantial improvements in the technical and process aspects of the program, and dedicating substantial personal time and effort to ensure that the program continued to be viable."


  • Vivien W. Chen, PhD
    "for her leadership in issues of data quality and confidentiality and her active participation on the board of Directors and multiple committees."


  • Sue Watkins, ART, CTR
  • Melinda Lehnherr
    "for her dedication, leadership, and continuous service toward the Publication of Cancer Incidence in North America and her numerous contributions to the success of the Association."


  • Brenda Edwards, PhD
    "for her dedication, leadership, and continuous service as Executive Secretary and for her numerous contributions to the success of the Association."


  • Holly L. Howe, PhD
    "for her dedication in chairing the data publication and evaluation committee and her multiple contributions in the development and production of "Cancer Incidence in North America 1988-1991."


  • Larry Derrick
    For his dedication in processing and assimilating data from multiple sources, in multiple formats, in order to make the publication of "Cancer Incidence in North America" a reality.
  • Jennifer Seiffert
    "for her vision and dedication in the development, assimilation, editing and publication of "Standards for Cancer Registries"."


  • None


  • Rep. Bernard Sanders (VT)