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Recruitment Materials


Careers in Cancer Speaker Kit

NAACCR is a partner in C-Change and several of our members are participating on the C-Change Cancer Workforce Team. Through this activity, we were able to have the cancer registrar career highlighted as one of the professions described on this recruitment presentation. Other career paths in public health, epidemiology and computer sciences are also mentioned as opportunities for a young person to match their interests and talents for a career in cancer and to be part of the generation that cures cancer!

The Careers in Cancer Speaker's Kit and presentation contains the materials and messages to inspire high school and college students to explore education and career paths related to health and cancer.

Collegiate Cancer Council

The following presentation from the Collegiate Cancer Council may be used for recruiting people into cancer-related health careers. The aims of the Collegiate Cancer council are: to educate the public about cancer prevention and the additional risks associated with health disparities; influence health policy to reduce overall morbidity and mortality as well as health disparities; and promote careers in cancer among all students and disciplines with an emphasis on minorities and medically underserved populations.

Collegiate Cancer Council Recruitment Presentation (PowerPoint)