CINA Publication (2007-2011)

Produced annually, the CINA report provides the most current cancer incidence and mortality statistics for the United States and Canada. It also serves as the foundation for such publications as the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures and the US Annual Report to the Nation.

The CINA volumes are available below. Click on the name of the volume to download the complete volume. Each complete volume is bookmarked for easy navigation.

Cancer in North America: 2007-2011, Volume One: Combined Incidence for the United States, Canada, and North America (Updated 7/8/14)

Cancer in North America: 2007-2011, Volume Two: Registry-specific Cancer Incidence in the United States and Canada (Updated 7/8/14)

Cancer in North America: 2007-2011, Volume Three: Registry-Specific Cancer Mortality in the United States

The May 20, 2014 release of Cancer in North America (2007-2011) does not include cancer statistics because the latest mortality file with 2011 deaths from the National Center for Health Statistics, Division of Vital Statistics has not been released. Previous mortality data is still available through last year's Cancer in North America monograph. Cancer mortality statistics will be posted as a later addendum to the Cancer in North America when these data become available for use by the NAACCR. Please check this web site for further updates.

Appendices (2007-2011)

Population Data