Steering Committees

Steering Committees lead each priority area and each one is supported by a priority area network of interested members to assure success in meeting the goals defined in the Strategic Management Plan. Steering Committees also determine what additional structures such as work groups and task forces are needed under each priority area to ensure work is carried out. NAACCR always encourages related groups to work together on issues, so combining related groups under each priority area was intended to reduce duplication of effort and bring new energy into problem solving by being more cross-disciplinary.

Join a committee Priority Area Network (PAN) to stay involved. You don't need to be a Steering Committee member to be a part of a PAN. Being a member of a PAN will keep you informed of committee updates and activities. To join a PAN, log in to MyNAACCR and click My Profile in the upper left. On your profile, click Edit/View Information and scroll all the way to the bottom. Check the boxes for the PANs you wish to join and the ways in which you'd like to participate and click Save. It may take several days for your choices to be applied.

Click on an icon below to learn more about that steering committee.

Strengthen and expand relationships with key stakeholders.

Facilitate mission-critical role of NAACCR to prepare central registries to adapt rapidly and successfully to changing developments in cancer surveillance.

Facilitate the expansion of data use for research, cancer prevention and control, and clinical outcomes; and improve access to pooled data across states and provinces for research.

Develop and strengthen internal and external NAACCR communications and bring a greater awareness of NAACCR member interests to wider audiences.

Address workforce issues for the surveillance community, skill development, and training needs of the NAACCR community.