Tobacco-Free Workplace

Purpose: NAACCR is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and promoting the health and well-being of its employees.  The personal health hazards related to all tobacco products, which include but are not limited to, smoking (e.g. cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc.) and/or using smokeless tobacco (e.g. snuff, chew, etc.) have been well documented.  The health hazards related to smoking impact both the smoker and the non-smoker who is exposed to second-hand smoke.  We care about the health of each and every employee, and it is our intent to provide all employees with a work environment conducive to good health.

Policy: All facilities leased and operated by NAACCR are designated as tobacco-free areas.  The use of tobacco is prohibited on company property at all times.  There will be no designated smoking areas, since no level of tobacco use is considered to be safe.  This policy applies to all regular employees, temporary workers, contractors, consultants and visitors and will be clearly communicated to all prospective employees and visitors to our site.

Support: An initial violation of this policy will result in a reminder of our tobacco-free rule.  Subsequent violations will be addressed through formal disciplinary action.  Employees who violate the policy will be offered tobacco-cessation support.  Tobacco-cessation support will be available to all employees and also their dependents who are covered under NAACCR’s health benefit plan who wish to quit the use of tobacco.

Date Passed: 3/16/2011